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HobbyWing X11 Propulsion System 14-16S

Hobbywing Item Model: Hobbywing X11 Max. Thrust: 34kg/ axis53.6V, sea level Recommended Takeoff Weight: 15-17kg/axis(sea level) Recommended LiPo Battery: 18S(LiPo)

HobbyWing XRotor X9 Motor Propulsion System

XROTOR X9 Series ESC+Motor Hobbywing XRotor 9 Power System Combo Specifications: Max. Thrust: 22kg/Axis (46V, Sea Level) Recommended Takeoff Weight:

iFlight XING X2806.5 FPV Cinelifiter Motor

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Motor XING 2806.5 designed for bigger quads like 7-8 inch quad frames, which is with better efficiency in

iFlight XING2 2809 FPV Cinelifter Motor Unibell

Description Our XING series NextGen motors have become popular after the initial release in 2018 and have become the new

T-Motor CINE Series Cine66 2812 Motor – 925KV/1155KV

T-Motor CINE Series Cine66 2812 Motor - 925KV/1155KV
The new CINE Series from T-motor is one of T-Motor's greatest additions to the Cinewhoop class of motors. The Cine66 cinematic motors have a high-quality design for safer chemical propulsion. The Cine66 provides stronger power for an 8-9" X8 cinematic build.

T-Motor F100 2810 Long Range CineLifter Motor 1100/1350kV

Check out this new Motor by T-Motor, perfect for long range and Cinelifters! 2810 size, powerful but efficient! Comes in 1100

T-Motor F90 2806.5 Motor – 1300KV/1500KV/1950KV

Get a longer flight time with the T-Motor F90 Motor! This motor is designed for Cinelifter X8 FPV build or similar and can carry a heavy camera.

T-Motor Velox V3115 Cinematic FPV Drone Motor

The Velox Victory line of motors is specially designed for pilots to challenge themselves constantly, so they can be free while

TAROT 5008/340KV Multicopter Brushless Motor TL96020

  Product Description: · 5008/340KV Brushless Motor, designed for multi-copters, applicable to 17-18 rotor frame sets, such as T960A, T18, TL18A00… · CNC processed, smooth surface and well-balanced · Brand-new turbofan cover, which provide good heat dissipation effect. · Rotor is made by neodymium iron boron, and stator is made by Epoxy resin, motor is well-balanced from factory, which solves vibration issue a lot. Motor shaft is alloy steel applied. · Motor upper and lower cover are special bearing applied, which has advantages such as low frictional torque, low power consumption, impact resistance, strong radial support. · Applicable Propellers: 17-18 ‘’ · Diameter of stator: 58.50mm · Stator Diameter: 50.0mm · Stator thickness: 8.0mm · Slot number: 12N · Pole number: 14P · Rotating speed: 340RPM/Volt 25.2V · No-load Current: 1.1Amps · Outer diameter of gear shaft: 4.0mm · Length of motor: 38.5mm · Motor shaft diameter: 42.0mm · No-load test, Volt · Motor weight: 168G