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DAL Fold 2 F7 7″ Folding Freestyle Propeller

The DAL Fold 2 F7 is a 7" propeller that is smooth, efficient, and comes in a folding design. The folding design is more durable, safe, and easier to transport!

Gemfan Cinelifter 7035 7×3.5×3 Tri-Blade 7″ Prop 4 Pack – Choose Your Color

High efficiency tri-blade props, perfect for those larger 7″ cinematic builds! They accept 5mm shafts as well as 1.5mm and 2mm

Gemfan Flash 7040 Tri-Blade 7″ Prop 4 Pack – Choose Your Color

More 7″ options bought to you by Gemfan! 4 color choices including Gemfan’s fantastic “ferarri red”.   Specification Model: Flash 7040

Gemfan Flash 7042 Durable Bi-Blade 7″ Prop 4 Pack – Choose Your Color

As smooth a 7″ biblade as you’ll find, the Gemfan 7042 is great for efficient long range cruising! Check out

Gemfan Floppy Proppy F4019 3-Blade Propeller (Set Of 4)

SPECIFICATIONS: Material: PC Weight:2.11g Pitch:1.9in Props Diameter :102.06mm Center Thickness:5.5mm Center Hole Diameter :T mount Adaptive Motor:1505-3500kv Colors: Clear Gray,

Gemfan Hurricane SL 6026 Bi-Blade 6″ Prop 4 Pack (1.5mm) – Choose Your Color

T-Mount high efficiency Bi-Blade props, great for long range light weight builds.   Specifications Diameter: 6″ Pitch: 2.6″ Blades: 2 Material:

Gemfan LR5126 5.1x.26×2 Bi-Blade 5″ Prop 4 Pack – Choose Your Color

Light on the pitch and light on the battery, this is an awesome prop for high efficiency 5″ toothpick cruisers