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AB Buckle Clip Protector for Balance Lead

Description: Item Name: AB Clip Size: 20mm * 22.5mm * 8mm (MAX) Specification:2S 3S 4S 5S 6S Weight: about 3

ANENG Alligator Clip

          Features:       1x Red/Black (choose)

BT168D BT168 Pro Digital Battery Capacity Tester LCD BT-168D Checker for 9V 1.5V AA AAA Cell C D Batteries BT-168

Features: 100% brand new To test all different kinds of batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, mini cell) Check the

iFlight Defender 25 Charge Adapter

Description Crash Protected Quick-Release Battery New innovative quick release battery and charging adapter to make everything as easy as it

iFlight Defender Series Battery Charger Set

Description Make it charge with type C? As you wish! New innovative quick-release battery and charging adapter to make everything

iFlight PD100W Charger- US Plug

Note If both the USB-C2 and USB-A interfaces of the PD100W charger are connected simultaneously, the maximum power output is

iFlight PD30W Charger – US Plug

Specifications Product Name: iFlight PD30W Charger Model NO.: QC24 Input Voltage: AC110-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A Output (PD): 5V=3A;12V=2.5A;15V=2A;20V=1.5 A Output (QC): 5V=3A;

ToolkitRC MC8 Multi-Functional 2-8S Battery Checker

The latest from Toolkit is a feature packed multi purpose cell checker with a big, bright, easy to read display.

ToolkitRC SC100 USB-C to XT60 Adapter Cable

A USB-C to XT60 power cable for use with battery chargers. Capable of up to 20V DC and 5 Amps output power, depending on the Type-C power source you connect it to.

ToolkitRC WM150 Advanced Watt & Power Meter

The Toolkit WM150 Watt Meter is the essential tool for all your electric flight! It features 1.0-50.V power supply, supports PWM signal and 2.4-inch color screen display.