Drone Racers Kerala

Established in 2017, Drone Racers Kerala is South India’s largest community of drone fanatics and pilots. DRK has come a long way since its inception in an engineering classroom by 3 friends and fellow pilots. What started out as a small group of friends hanging out together and flying, quickly drew the attention of others across the state and the community grew exponentially over time, now with over 150 active members across Kerala and now, a community-driven FPV store!

About drkstore.in

drkstore was born out of the relentless and community-driven mindset the founders of DRK had set for themselves. This store represents over a year of ideation, bootstrapping, development, sales, and much more that got etched into its way of being one of the finest FPV stores in India. 

We are not just about selling FPV or drone parts, and certainly not just for profit; we launched this store because we saw a massive vacuum in the ease of access and affordability of getting FPV parts in India and the ones that are available through other hobby stores suffered at least one of the three major setbacks – High price, lack of support, and a lack of a good UI website. 

drkstore promises to overcome these fundamental issues of all other vendors and to innovate and be different with the best price guarantee, the best customer service you can possibly imagine, and not to mention –  a very nice looking site! But that’s not all, we also provide same-day shipping with free shipping over Rs. 9999/- and backed by the Drone Racers Kerala community, making drkstore – The FPV Store you Deserve ♥ !


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