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CUAV CAN PMU Power Detection Module – UAV/FC AutoPilot

About this product The CUAV CAN PMU is a drone power management unit with a built-in STM32F4 processor and running the CUAV

CUAV SKYE DroneCAN Airspeed Sensor

About this product Introducing the CUAV SKYE DroneCAN Airspeed Sensor, a groundbreaking innovation in UAV technology. This all-in-one sensor integrates a pitot

GEMFAN Stack Saver

Protect your electronic components further with this elastic Gemfan stack protector. From reversible bracelet to stack protection, this accessory is both easy

HGLRC Amass XT30 Current Sensor

HGLRC AMASS XT30 CURRENT SENSOR   Specification: AMASS XT30 CURRENT SENSOR Voltage: 4S(16.8V) Current Max :80A Weight :3.3g

HGLRC Amass XT60 Current Sensor

HGLRC AMASS XT60 CURRENT SENSOR Specification: AMASS XT60 CURRENT SENSOR Voltage: 6S(25.2V) Current Max:120A Weight:6.8g

HolyBro Digital Air Speed Sensor – MS4525DO

The Holybro Digital Airspeed Sensor has a very low offset, a high resolution and, best of all, does not suffer

Holybro PM02 V3 Power Module (12S)

  1. UBEC input voltage : 7~51v (2~12s LiPo)
  2. Rated current: 60A
  3. Max current: 120A(<60S)
  4. Max current sensing: 120A
  5. Supports: 12S battery

Holybro PMW3901 Optical Flow Sensor

  1. Model: PMW3901
  2. Interface: UART
  3. Baud rate: 19200
  4. Current: 10mA

HolyBro ST VL53L1X Lidar

The VL53L1X is a state-of-the-art, Time-of-Flight (ToF), laser-ranging sensor, enhancing the ST FlightSense™ product family. It is the fastest miniature

iFlight Anti Spark Filter

Plugging in a battery can create a loud spark at the connector which is caused by the high battery current

iFlight BLITZ BEC Module

  The iFlight BLITZ BEC features step-down switch mode high-efficiency synchronous rectification and the ability to step down from an input voltage of up to 35V to a low output stable voltage

iFlight Blitz Practice Soldering Board

Always worried about poor soldering and wasting expensive electronics? Well, Here it is the Blitz Practice Board Soldering Board , which will help