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GEPRC Type C USB Adapter Board

Specification: Brand Name: GEPRC Item Name: Type C USB Adapter Board Application: Only for DJI Air Unit Module to adjust

HGLRC Amass XT30 Current Sensor

HGLRC AMASS XT30 CURRENT SENSOR   Specification: AMASS XT30 CURRENT SENSOR Voltage: 4S(16.8V) Current Max :80A Weight :3.3g

HGLRC Amass XT60 Current Sensor

HGLRC AMASS XT60 CURRENT SENSOR Specification: AMASS XT60 CURRENT SENSOR Voltage: 6S(25.2V) Current Max:120A Weight:6.8g

iFlight Anti Spark Filter

Plugging in a battery can create a loud spark at the connector which is caused by the high battery current

iFlight BLITZ BEC Module

  The iFlight BLITZ BEC features step-down switch mode high-efficiency synchronous rectification and the ability to step down from an input voltage of up to 35V to a low output stable voltage

iFlight Naked GoPro Power Cable BEC for GoPro Hero 6/7/8/9/10

iFlight Type USB-C to Balance head Charging Cable for GoPro Hero 6/7/8/9.

JIYI CAN Hub-12S Module for K++ For Agriculture Drones

  1. CAN1: interface connected to K++ flight control
  2. 12V-CAN: Output voltage 12V; can be connected to ground radar, obstacle avoidance radar, RTK, etc.
  3. 12V: Output voltage 12V; interface XT30

RadioMaster ExpressLRS USB UART Flasher

When upgrading ELRS receivers, there are primarily two options: Wi-Fi and Serial Port. While Wi-Fi upgrading is very user-friendly and

Rubycon 1000uF 35v 105c Capacitor

Brand Name Rubycon Item Shape Round Maximum Voltage 35 volts Model Number ZLH Number of Items 6 Operating Voltage 35

Rubycon UPL 50V 470uf 10x22mm Capacitor

In our FPV hobby, capacitors are becoming an essential component due to high power motors and noisy electronics. Don’t forget

Rush Blade PFB Lite Spike Absorber And Power Filter Board

The rush PFB Lite is a new smaller spike absorber/power filter, essential to provide enhanced protection on your ESC

Rush Blade PFB Power Filter Board

The new filtering solution for FPV hobby, it has the perfect filtering effort on high frequency interference generated by ESC.