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Anti-Skid Landing Pads

The perfect way to save your previous quads' carbon fiber frame from getting beaten up!

Black Acetate Cloth Tape TDS for Wires and Other Hobby Purposes

Description Acetate cloth tape is based on composite materials of polyethylene and cloth, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, then coated with

FPV Worry Free Waterproof Silicone Coating – 20ml

 The Brandan FPV Worry Free Waterproof Coating is designed to protect your FPV electronics from moisture exposure!

Kapton High-Temperature Proof Tape – 20mm

20mm 100ft High-Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide Koptan Tape Hot serves as the perfect combination of heat resistance (anti-creek property) and

Kingboxer DX-704 High Temperature Resistant Silicone Rubber Sealing Glue Black Color

Specifications: Model: 704 Color: black Net weight: 55g Temperature resistance: -60~+250℃ Cure time: 12~24 hours Use: Dedicated to electrical and

Kotking RC Waterproof Coating 15ml

Kotking waterproofing coating is perfect for protecting your electronics from rain, snow, mud, pumpkin juice… you get the point.

Tarot Anaerobics Retainer 638 TL10291-01

        The 638 is quick high strength adhesive. Curing speed (first solid/all solid) : 5 minutes / 10 hours. Maximum filling clearance (mm) : 0.25mm Recommand use for somewhere no need remove frequently. Specification: · Color: green · Type: 638 · Packing specification: 10g

Tarot Bearing Lubricating Oil TL2781

Product Description: · excellent lubricating. · good corrosion resistance. · can be used in heavy-duty, high temperature and humid environment. · Can be used for the high-speed bearing or metal parts lubrication. · Enclosed with non-medical syringe.

Tarot Screw Glue 2PCSTL2013

Specification : Red screw glue  *1 Blue screw glue *1 Net weight  3g/pcs