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SkyZone SteadyView X 5.8Ghz Receiver Module

SkyZone SteadyView X is the upgrade version of steadyview receiver, the receiver merge two signals to one, avoid image tearing and rolling in multi-path environment , make image more stable and clear in challenging condition.

SkyZone SteadyView/RapidMix Receiver Module for Goggles

SkyZone SteadyView/RapidMix Receiver Module is able to merge two video signals into one, avoid image tearing and rolling, and make the image more stable and clear in challenging conditions. This helps the pilot to fly clearly and safely.

SkyZone SteadyView+ELRS Backpack Receiver for FPV Goggles 48CH 5.8Ghz

SkyZone SteadyView+ELRS receiver is using the latest hardware(3.3) solving the dark and rolling image issue for some cameras, also with the ELRS backpack, user can use their radio with ELRS lua script to sync the VTX and VRX, also users can set an aux switch on the radio to start or stop the DVR, no need press the record button on goggles.

Walksnail Avatar VRX (Single VRX)

About this product The Walksnail Avatar VRX transmits 1080P/60fps with industry-leading H.265 encoding technology, which can provide a minimum delay