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Foxeer F722 V2 3-6S Flight Controller

The Foxeer F722 V2 Flight Controller features has many cool features like the PASS function, which allows you to wire up your quad when using Crossfire and you can also connect this FC to your DJI FPV Digital HD System.

Foxeer Mini F722 V2 20×20 Flight Controller

The Mini F722 V2 Flight Controller by Foxeer features the latest F7 processing technology, STM32F722RET6, MPU6000 Gyro, and many other specs that make this 20x20 FC a winner!

Happymodel Diamond F4 FR 5-in-1 AIO Flight Controller w/ Built-In ESC, VTX, Receiver – SPI Frsky

This 5-in-1 flight controller is inspired by Happymodel's Official Pilot - Angry Don FPV! The Happymodel DiamondF4 AIO 5-IN-1 Flight controller has a built-in VTX ESC OSD Receiver.

HGLRC Forward F4 Mini 20×20 Flight Controller

The HGLRC Forward F4 is a 20x20 flight controller that houses an MPU6000-SPI gyro, F4 processing, and 2-6S direct lipo support.

HGLRC Zeus F722 3-6S FC for Digital & Analog

The HGLRC F722 is a 30.5x30.5 flight controller that houses an MPU6000 gyro and 3-6S direct lipo support. Comes with an integrated barometer and 16M black box, integrated DJI, LED, and GPS connector.

HGLRC Zeus F722 Mini FC for Digital & Analog

The HGLRC Zeus F722 Mini 2-6S 20x20 Flight Controller comes with an integrated barometer and 16M black box. Features MPU6000, includes 5 UARTS, STM32F722 RET6 CPU, and can easily be connected to your DJI Digital HD FPV System.

HGLRC Zeus5 AIO 1-2S F411 Flight Controller 5A BL_S 4in1 ESC with WiFi Function

The Zeus5 AIO flight controller is designed for ultra light quadcopter builds.  It features an F411 FC, along with OSD and 4x 5A BLheli_S ESC, and WiFi functionality.  All into a tiny package that weighs just 4.2g.

iFlight SucceX-E F7 2-6S Flight Controller

iFlight's Succex-E series of F7 Flight Controllers are sure to bring your FPV journey to a success ;)

Rush Blade F722 Analog Flight Controller

RUSH BLADE F722 30x30 Flight Controller For Analog by RUSHFPV. This FC features MPU6000, Onboard OSD, and beta flight firmware. Perfect for the RUSHFPV RUSH TANK II.

Rush Blade F722 Digital Flight Controller For DJI Digital FPV System

Rush Blade F722 Digital 30x30 Flight Controller by RUSHFPV for your  DJI Digital FPV System. This FC features high-performance STM32 F722 MCU, MPU6000, and Onboard OSD.

T-Motor F4 Flight Controller

The T-Motor F4 Flight Controller comes with an LC filter, which is great for eliminating interference to your VTX or other equipment. Loaded with 6 UARTs and is specially optimized to fit the F55A PRO II.