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Acrylic Nut M3

M3 Acrylic Nut Tighten up the FC/ESC stack with these M3 Acrylic nuts.Since these nuts are made of Acrylic(Non Conductive)

Emax Mini Magnum 2 – F4 BLHeli32 35A 2-6s VTX Stack

Introducing the next generation of the famed Magnum line, the Mini Magnum 2.

Flight Controller O-Rings

This is a pack of 20 O-rings that can be used to semi-soft mount your flight controller. Easily sandwhich these together on your flight controller stack to help dampen noise.

Foxeer F722 V2 3-6S Flight Controller

The Foxeer F722 V2 Flight Controller features has many cool features like the PASS function, which allows you to wire up your quad when using Crossfire and you can also connect this FC to your DJI FPV Digital HD System.

Foxeer Mini F722 V2 20×20 Flight Controller

The Mini F722 V2 Flight Controller by Foxeer features the latest F7 processing technology, STM32F722RET6, MPU6000 Gyro, and many other specs that make this 20x20 FC a winner!

Foxeer Mini F722 V2 Pro (BMS) Flight Controller

The F722 Pro V2 is a 20x20 flight controller flown by professional FPV racer BMS. This FC has a built-in passthrough to make wiring up your quad easier.

Foxeer Reaper F745 AIO – F7 FC + 45A 2-6S BLHeli_S ESC

The Foxeer Reaper F745 AIO is an all-in-one board with an F7 flight controller and 45A ESC, featuring an STM32F745 High-performance processor and 16M BlackBox.

Foxeer Reaper FPV 3-8S 65A BLHeli_32 30×30 4-in-1 ESC

The Foxeer Reaper FPV is a 65A BL32 4-in-1 ESC designed to plug n play with the Foxeer F722 Mini FC, giving you a super low-profile stack for your build that is also lightweight.  

Foxeer Reaper Mini 3-6S BL32 4-in-1 20×20 ESC – 45A

The Foxeer Reaper Mini BL32 4-in-1 ESC is designed to plug n play with the Foxeer F722 Mini FC, giving you a super low-profile stack for your build that is also lightweight

FPV Worry Free Waterproof Silicone Coating – 20ml

 The Brandan FPV Worry Free Waterproof Coating is designed to protect your FPV electronics from moisture exposure!


  • Model Name:GEP-F722-45A AIO
  • IMU:MPU6000 gyro/accelerometer(SPI)
  • BEC output:5V@1A
  • Intergrated LC Filter
  • Continuous current:45A
  • Input:2~6S
  • Support:Dshot600,Oneshot,Multishot
  • Size:32x32mm Board
  • Weight:8.8g