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ANENG Alligator Clip

          Features:       1x Red/Black (choose)

ANENG AN113B Digital Multimeter – Black

Features of ANENG AN113B Digital Multimeter   – This product is a multi-functional, auto-ranging,true RMS digital multimeter with a 6000 counts

ANENG AN113D Intelligent Auto Measure True – RMS Digital Multimeter


ANENG AN113D Digital Multimeter

This new product not only has the Manual gear as AN8002,but also added an automatic measurement button which is more convenient measurement and more friendly operation for the novices.
1. Measurement functions include AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, diode test/continuity, NCV, frequency/duty cycle, capacitance.
2. Support True- RMS
3. Support Auto Power Off
4. Support temperature measurement
5. Support data hold

ANENG AN8004 Digital Multimeter – Red


ANENG AN8004 Digital Multimeter

It is a Auto-ranging digital multimeter using double-integral style A/D transform as the core.
Can be used to measures AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity testing, Frequency and Etc.
The products are battery powered. they are characterized by stable function and high reliability, with the features of overload protection and LCD display for clear reading, are an ideal tools for lav, factory, radio fans and family use.

ANENG AN8009 True RMS NCV Digital Multimeter 9999 Counts

Specification ANENG AN8009 True RMS NCV Digital Multimeter Function Range Resolution Accuracy MAX. Value Other DC Voltage (V) 999.9mV 0.1mV ±(0.5%+3) 999.9V

ANENG CM80 Digital clamp meter

ANENG CM80 Digital clamp meter  Ammeter Voltage Car Amp Hz Capacitance NCV Ohm Test multimeter digital profesional tester.
CM80 Digital clamp meter is a battery-powered,auto ranging digital clamp multimeter with a 4000 counts LCD display and a backlight.

ANENG DT830X LCD Display Digital Multimeter

ANENG DT830X LCD Display Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter DC Current Tester Handheld Fault Buzzer Test Machine Product Description of

ANENG M1 Digital Multimeter

ANENG M1 Digital Professional Multimeter Feature OF ANENG M1 Digital Multimeter Maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground: 600V DC

ANENG MT87 LCD Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter

Product Information  1. Digits LCD with a max reading of 1999 Counts (Digital Multimeter) 2. Data hold for easy reading

ANENG PT1003 Multimeter Test Leads Universal Cable 20A Soft-silicone-wire


         ANENG PT1003 Multimeter Test Leads

  • high quality and durable: The tester adopts high quality copper core, which is sturdy and durable for a long time use.
  • beautiful and practical: This product is made with functional exquisite craftsmanship, such a beautiful and practical accessory.
  • strict quality control: Stable and reliable performance, high reliability and stability, can be used with peace of mind. Stable performance, reliable and completely meets international quality standards.

ANENG PT1010 1000V 20A Probe Test Leads



ANENG PT1010 1000V 20A Probe Test Leads for Digital Multimeter Needle Point Tip Multi Meter Tester Lead Probe Wire Pen Cable

Aneng PT1028 22 pcs Test Lead Kit Multimeter Cable Set


Specification  of PT1028 22 pcs Test Lead Kit

Red: positive Black: negative Cable Length:90cm/35" 1. Easy to read: "+" & "-" signs near probes 2. With rubber shrouded, it is comfortable to grip 3. Universal multi-meter plug, convenient to use 4. It is one of the useful tools that will brings a lot of convenience for your electronic work