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Herelink 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transmission System – V1.1

  About this product The Herelink HD Digital Video Transmission System V1.1 is an all-in-one solution for long-range HD video transmission. Brought

RadioMaster MT12 Surface Radio Controller w/ ER3C-I Receiver – ELRS 2.4GHz

The RadioMaster MT12 Surface Radio Controller represents a groundbreaking open-source surface radio, and it proudly holds the distinction of being the first surface radio with official support for EdgeTX, ExpressLRS, and the Multi-module project.

SIYI DK32 SE Agriculture Remote Controller

2.4G ISM Band | 10KM Range, 2KM Ground to Ground Range | 16 Multi-Functional Channels | 2.-inch LCD Touchscreen Configuration | Dual Operator, Coach Mode | Voice Broadcast | 14 Hours | Compatible with JIYI, BOYING, VK, Pixhawk Flight Controllers

SIYI MK15 Mini HD Handheld Agriculture Smart Controller

1080p Dual HD Digital Image Transmission | 3.5KM Range | 180ms Low Latency | IP67 Camera | 5.5" 1000cd/m2 1080p HD Monitor | 3.5H PD Fast Charging | 12H Battery Life | IP53 Remote Controller | Compatible with JIYI, BOYING, VK, Pixhawk Flight Controllers

Skydroid H12 Remote Controller

Skydroid H12 Drone Remote Controller The Skydroid H12 Long Range Drone Radio System use the newest Qualcomm processor, equipped with

Skydroid T12 Remote Control

  • Build in high efficiency antenna to avoid delay in digital transmission. For safety flying
  • Build in intelligent communication. Increase the stability of long distance transmission. Dual antenna dual module
  • Supported by FHSS technology. The longer distance can reach 20km
  • Hall sensor gimbal with permanent magnetic sensor make longer life to 30 years. Military grade anti dust protective gimbal cover
  • Remote dimming camera with &w LED can capture video clearly at night
  • Bluetooth plus USB wire provide reliable link up
  • 24hrs continues working with one charge
  • Legal 100mw output power comply with related certificate for export
  • Battery is MSDS certified so it is allowable to carry on the plane

TBS Tango 2 PRO FPV RC Radio Controller

The TBS Tango 2 PRO comes with full-size folding HAL sensor gimbals, full-featured FreedomTX (temporary OpenTX fork), the lowest end-to-end latency of any remote and transmission system, and more!