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Happymodel PH2.0 1S JST USB Battery Charger

This convenient Happymodel USB Charger is tailored for a 200-400 mAh battery. It has an LED light to indicate when charging is complete, as well as a 4.2V/4.35V switchable button.

iFlight Defender 25 Type-C Charge Adapter

Description Make it charge with type c? As you wish! New innovative quick-release battery and charging adapter to make everything

SKYRC PC1080 Dual Channel LiPo Battery Charger

  • Supports charging 2 packs of 6s LiPo batteries simultaneously
  • Supports high voltage LiPo(LiHV) battery
  • 3 Working modes: balance charge, storage & charge.
  • Adjustable charging current
  • 2×16 LCD screen
  • Real time charging/discharging status display
  • Battery status meter

ToolkitRC – C3 Compact AC 25W Li Po Charger 2-3S

The C3 is a compact balance charger. Despite the small size, the C3 has a maximum output of 25W! Featuring an intuitive user interface and a LED display, the C3 is a capable, bring-anywhere charger! It will charge both LiPo and LiHV packs 2-3S and also charge to storage voltage 3.85V.

VIFLY StoreSafe Smart LiPo Discharger

VIFLY StoreSafe is a smart lipo battery discharger that can intelligently discharge your battery to storage voltage.