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FrSky Receiver Antenna – IPEX 4 Connector (10/15cm)

A replacement FrSky Receiver Antenna 10 cm – IPEX Connector

FrSky Receiver Antenna 15 Cm – IPEX1 Connector

A replacement antenna for recievers with Ipex Connector.

Happymodel 2.4GHz Omnidirectional T-Style Antenna IPEX/UFL for EP1 RX

Frequency  (MHz)      2400.0 Efficiency (dBi)    -0.89 Gain (dBi)     2.23 Efficiency (%)       81.46 Directivity (dB)     5.12 Peak Gain Position (Theta)   180.00

HappyModel 900MHz Micro T Antenna

Happy Model – Micro T antenna for module ES900RX IPEX1 connector compatible with both 915 MHz and 868 MHz Features

Happymodel 915MHz T-Style Antenna IPEX/UFL

IPEX T-Style Antenna for ExpressLRS/TBS/FrSky products

Happymodel ExpressLRS ES24TX 2.4GHz Micro TX Module

This Micro TX is designed by Happymodel and based on the open-source ExpressLRS which is a very popular low latency and high re-flashed rate RF module for RC Airplane and FPV Racing. Its main hardware architecture is ESP32, ESP8285, and the SX1280 RF chip. The ES24TX module is a complete solution that is plug and play and already pre-loaded with Expresslrs firmware.

Happymodel FD802 8CH Two-way Pass Back 8 Channels Receiver With Amplifier

Features: 1. Compatible with FRSKY ACCST, compatible with X9D(Plus) DJT/DFT/DHT. 2. Small and light weight, telemetry: RSSI, 1 S-3 S

HappyModel FLi14+ 2.4GHz Mini Receiver – FlySky Compatible

This is a micro flysky compatible receiver that is estimated to give you at around 500m range making it one

HappyModel Micro SP900 Antenna for ES900RX Module IPEX1 connector 915MHz

Frequency: 915 MHz or 868MHz optional Polarization: Horizontal polarization Impedance: 50 Ω S.W.R.: <= 1.7 Antenna Gain: 2.0DBi Working Temp:

Herelink 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transmission System – V1.1

  About this product The Herelink HD Digital Video Transmission System V1.1 is an all-in-one solution for long-range HD video transmission. Brought

HEX Herelink HD Air Unit V1.1

About this product The Herelink Air Unit 1.1 Integrates a data link unit, remote control link, and video display unit into a