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DAL Fold F5 5″ Folding Propeller

The Dalprop Fold F5 is a 5.1" propeller that is smooth, efficient, and comes in a folding design. The folding design is more durable, safe, and easier to transport!

DAL Nepal N2 T5142.5 Tri-Blade 5″ Prop Pack of 4

The Nepal prop is made specifically for freestyle, grippy and responsive. Specifications Diameter: 5.1″ Pitch: 4.25″ Blades: 3 Material: Pure

DALProp Cyclone T5143.5 V2 Freestyle 3-Blade Propeller (Set of 4)

The DALProp Cyclone T5143.5 V2 propeller is now POPO compatible! These propellers are more durable, smooth, efficient, have a fast response, and come with an enhanced hub.

Gemfan 5″ Master 3D Prop

The most popular 3D prop on the market. If you fly 3D these Gemfan Master 3D props are pretty much the only ones designed for it.

Gemfan 513D 5149 Tri-Blade 5″ Prop 4 Pack

These props are made specifically for 3D flying!   Specifications Diameter: 5.1″ Pitch: 4.9″ Blades: 3 Material: Polycarbonate Shaft Hole:

Gemfan 5152S V2 Tri-Blade 5″ Propeller

The V2 “S” edition of the 5152 has had its material reformulated to be more durable. The hub design has also

Gemfan 75mm 3″ 2-Blade Toothpick Propeller – 1.5mm Shaft (Set of 8)

Gemfan 75mm 3" 2-Blade Toothpick Propeller - 1.5mm Shaft (Set of 8)
These Gemfan 75mm 2-blade 1.5mm propellers are perfect for Tello and Freestyle racing. These 3" toothpick props are ultralight and result in smoother control during flight.

Gemfan Flash 5144 Tri-Blade 5″ Prop 4 Pack

A slightly down pitched version of the Flash 5149, yet another great flying option from Gemfan.   Specifications Diameter: 5.1″ Pitch:

Gemfan Flash 5149 Tri-Blade 5″ Prop 4 Pack

Gemfan has been a trusted name in multi-rotor propellers since the beginning and are still pushing the envelope of speed

Gemfan Flash 5552 Tri-Blade 5.5″ Prop 4 Pack

All of the power and performance you have come to know from the Gemfan 5152’s in a slightly longer, more durable