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SEQURE 19V 3.4A Power Supply for SQ001 & TS100 Soldering Iron

A power supply for SQ001 & TS100 soldering irons and equipment. This adapter has a power output of 19V 3.42A.

SEQURE 45W Type-C Power Adapter for SQ-D60 – Type-C

The SEQURE PD45W Power Adapter provides stable and sufficient power for your SQ-D60 soldering iron without needing to use an uncommon power source.

SEQURE ES-180 Micro Electronic Screwdriver Bit Set

A relatively inexpensive and easy to use electric screwdriver for all Hobby and Professional use

SEQURE Ground Wire Clamp For Mini Soldering Iron

  Features: During welding, the ground clamp is used to eliminate static electricity effectively to provide more safe protection and

SEQURE Mini SQ-001 | D60 Soldering | Screwdriver Tool Box Portable Tool Kit Plus

Suitable for SQ-001 electric iron and screw driver portable carrying bag. Durable and wear-resistant, fashionable and generous, good storage of

SEQURE MSS12 Mini OLED Soldering Station Compatible With T12 Supports PD3.0/3S-6S/12V-25V Power Supply

Upgrade your soldering station to something from the 21st century! OLED display, Lipo or DC powered!

SEQURE Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Cleaning Steel Wire Stand Set

Product Features: [Steel wire environmental protection, metal material, remove oxidation] Brass tip cleaner is softer than the iron tip and harder

SEQURE SQ-001 Mini Soldering Iron | Black

The Sequre Mini SQ-001 65W soldering iron is a slightly more affordable version of the original TS-100 but without the sacrifice of performance and quality according to multiple reviews.

SEQURE SQ-D60 A/B Soldering Iron Kit B2/BC2

The SQ-D60 Soldering Iron by SEQURE is an effective portable soldering iron that easily plugs into any lipo battery with a 12-24 voltage power and XT60 connector.

SEQURE SQ-ES126 Smart Electric Screwdriver w/ 24 Bits

The SQ-ES126 Smart Screwdriver will make those annoying teardowns and rebuilds a breeze, especially for those who have a hard time using manual hand tools.

SEQURE SQ-SW2 Mini Portable Rechargeable Spot Welder w/ LCD Display

The SQ-SW2 spot welder is aimed at li-ion enthusiasts who want to create their own battery packs!