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JIYI CAN Hub-12S Module for K++ For Agriculture Drones

  1. CAN1: interface connected to K++ flight control
  2. 12V-CAN: Output voltage 12V; can be connected to ground radar, obstacle avoidance radar, RTK, etc.
  3. 12V: Output voltage 12V; interface XT30

JIYI Ground Proof Terrain Follow Radar for K++ V2

  • JIYI Terrain Radar Module for K++ V2, KX Flight Controller
  • This module uses millimeter-wave radar technology
  • The ground-like radar module has stable detection performance and good environmental applicability
  • It has strong anti-interference ability

JIYI K++ V2 Flight Controller for Agricultural Drones/UAVs

This Jiyi K++ V2 Flight Controller Kit is a professional-grade flight control developed by Jiyi and developed for industrial applications.

JIYI K3A PRO Flight Controller

  • K3-A Pro flight controller is specially designed for agricultural sprayer drones
  • It has a variety of modes and exclusive functions for agriculture sprayer drones
  • It supports manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous flight
  • It is efficient and easy to operate

JIYI Obstacle Avoidance Radar Sensor for K++ V2

  • Obstacle Avoidance Radar for K++, KX Flight Controller
  • This module is mainly used to measure the relative distance between the drone and the obstacle in front of the flight, so as to avoid the obstacle effectively
  • Obstacle Avoidance Radar adopts 24GHz radar technology