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SEQURE ES-180 Micro Electronic Screwdriver Bit Set

A relatively inexpensive and easy to use electric screwdriver for all Hobby and Professional use

SEQURE Ground Wire Clamp For Mini Soldering Iron

  Features: During welding, the ground clamp is used to eliminate static electricity effectively to provide more safe protection and

SEQURE Mini SQ-001 | D60 Soldering | Screwdriver Tool Box Portable Tool Kit Plus

Suitable for SQ-001 electric iron and screw driver portable carrying bag. Durable and wear-resistant, fashionable and generous, good storage of

SEQURE Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Cleaning Steel Wire Stand Set

Product Features: [Steel wire environmental protection, metal material, remove oxidation] Brass tip cleaner is softer than the iron tip and harder

SEQURE SQ-001 Mini Soldering Iron | Black

The Sequre Mini SQ-001 65W soldering iron is a slightly more affordable version of the original TS-100 but without the sacrifice of performance and quality according to multiple reviews.

SEQURE SQ-D60B Soldering Iron Kit | Black

The SQ-D60B Soldering Iron by SEQURE is an effective portable soldering iron that easily plugs into any lipo battery with a 12-24 voltage power and XT60 connector.

SEQURE SQ-ES126 Smart Electric Screwdriver w/ 24 Bits

The SQ-ES126 Smart Screwdriver will make those annoying teardowns and rebuilds a breeze, especially for those who have a hard time using manual hand tools.