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ToolkitRC – C3 Compact AC 25W Li Po Charger 2-3S

The C3 is a compact balance charger. Despite the small size, the C3 has a maximum output of 25W! Featuring an intuitive user interface and a LED display, the C3 is a capable, bring-anywhere charger! It will charge both LiPo and LiHV packs 2-3S and also charge to storage voltage 3.85V.

ToolkitRC Alligator Clips to XT60 Female Adapter Cable

Typically used to connect a device with male a XT60 plug to a DC power supply, lead-acid, SLA, or Pb

ToolkitRC Charge Cable w/ Male XT60 4mm Banana plug

  1. Dimensions: 30 cm long
  2. Thick 14 AWG Wire.
  3. Weight: 35 gm.
  4. 1 Foot (30cm) Length Provides Convenience
  5. Input Connector: Male 4mm Banana Plug
  6. Output Connector: Female XT60 (with male bullets)

ToolkitRC M4 Pocket 80W 5A 1-4S Compact Balance Charger w/ Built-In USB-C Input/Output

The acclaimed ToolkitRC M4 Pocket Charger is perfect for all of your on-the-go FPV charging needs! With 80 Watts of Power, Dual Inputs, Built-In USB-C Input and Output, and an IPS Wide-Angle Color Display, this charger will keep you powered up anywhere you go!

ToolkitRC MC8 Multi-Functional 2-8S Battery Checker

The latest from Toolkit is a feature packed multi purpose cell checker with a big, bright, easy to read display.

ToolkitRC ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester

The ToolkitRC ST8 Advanced Multi-Servo Tester is a compact charger that boasts a wide array of features not found in chargers on the market. It includes multiple input sources, programmable 8-channel output signal, multiple measurement modes, 4 independent current acquisitions and much more!

ToolkitRC WM150 Advanced Watt & Power Meter

The Toolkit WM150 Watt Meter is the essential tool for all your electric flight! It features 1.0-50.V power supply, supports PWM signal and 2.4-inch color screen display.

ToolkitRC XT60 Multi Connector Charge Cable

Description: This is ToolkitRC XT60 Multi Connector Charge Cable. Feature: For: Charger Material: Plastic Color: Black Include: ToolkitRC XT60 Multi Connector