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T-Motor Antigravity MN5008 Motor

About this product T-Motor’s MN5008 series is an ultralight, endurance-focused motor that was specially designed for various surveying applications. These

T-Motor AS 2814 Long Shaft 900KV/1050KV/1200KV/2000KV Motor

T-Motor AS 2814 Long Shaft 900KV Motor
The T-Motor AS Series Motors are specially made for entry-level pilots who want to enjoy extreme power while flying.

T-Motor AT4125 3D Fixed Wing Airplane Long Shaft Brushless Motor -250KV/540KV

AT4125 motor Specified with high quality bearings, high strength steel, lightweight aluminum, and amazingly powerful neodymium rare earth magnets. It

T-Motor Blackbird T4943 Propeller (Set of 4)

Get more with T-Motor's T4943 Propellers! These durable props are stiffer and have greater thrust.

T-Motor BPP-4D Pro Combo

BPP-4D Combo including AM40 motor +AM16A ESC +T8542 4D propeller, which is specialized for F3P

T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 3-8S 8-In-1 ESC – 30X30

T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 3-8S 8-In-1 ESC - 30X30
Introducing T-Motor Cine 55A BLHeli_32 8-In-1 3-8S ESC (30X30). This ESC is perfect for large Cinelifters running 8 motors and up to 8S voltage!

T-Motor Cine F7 + 60A 8in1 6S Stack System w/ Bluetooth

T-Motor F722 60A 8in1 stack, ideal for your Cinelifter. This aesthetic and practical stack is equipped with three 30x30mm slots to best fix it

T-Motor CINE Series Cine66 2812 Motor – 925KV/1155KV

T-Motor CINE Series Cine66 2812 Motor - 925KV/1155KV
The new CINE Series from T-motor is one of T-Motor's greatest additions to the Cinewhoop class of motors. The Cine66 cinematic motors have a high-quality design for safer chemical propulsion. The Cine66 provides stronger power for an 8-9" X8 cinematic build.

T-Motor EZO Bearing

About this product Upper and lower replacement Japanese EZO bearings for the F40 and F60 PROII motors. Includes 2x EZO