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Speedy Bee Adapter 2

Speedy Bee Adapter 2 Full-featured BF/INAV/Emu configrator in your pocket ·Upgrade FC firmware via App ·Full-featured BF/INAV/Emu configuration ·Built-in WiFi ·XT60

SpeedyBee 12V 1A Micro BEC module with Physical Switch Support 3-6S LiPo

Specifications Input voltage 3-8S(12-36V) BEC Output 12V 1A Dimensions 16.9(L)*11.95(W)*1.15(H)mm Weight 1.5g

SpeedyBee 2006-1950KV Motor Bee35 3.5 inch FPV

Specifications Model SpeedyBee 2006-1950KV Motor KV Value 1950 Stator Poles 12N14P Shaft Diameter 1.5mm Silicone Wire 20# 150mm Motor Weight

SpeedyBee 2306.5-1800KV Motor

Specifications Model SpeedyBee 2306.5-1800KV Motor KV Value 1800 Stator Poles 12N14P Shaft Diameter 4mm Silicone Wire 20# 150mm Motor Weight

SpeedyBee 50A BL32 3-6S BLHeli_32 128K ESC – 30×30

SpeedyBee 50A 3-6S BLHeli_32 128K ESC - 30x30
The SpeedyBee 50A 128K ESC features 50A output for real performance with your toughest 6S motors and is equipped with a protective CNC heat sink for overheat protection.

Speedybee 90 Type USB-C 5V Camera BEC Balance Power Plug Gopro 6/Gopro 7/Gopro 8/Gopro 9/Gopro 10 BEC 3-6s (2 Sets)

Specifications Output connector: JST1.25-2P/2P soldering pad Dimensions: 25mm*12mm*12mm Input voltage: 3-6S (LIPO/LIHV) Output voltage/current: 5V/3A Input connector: XH2.54-7P Weight containing

SpeedyBee Adapter 3

SpeedyBee Adapter 3
The third iteration of the useful SpeedyBee Adapter is the best yet! Configure, charge, check, analyze, flash, you name it, the Adapter 3 probably does it.

SpeedyBee BLS 35A Mini V2 20×20 4-in-1 ESC

SpeedyBee 35A BL_S Mini 20x20 4-in-1 ESC
A 20x20mm ESC from SpeedyBee boasting 35A of cont. power with BL_S firmware

SpeedyBee BLS 60A 30×30 4-in-1 ESC

$46.99 for a 60A ESC? That’s ridiculous I know right? With only $46.99, you will get a powerful 60A 4-in-1

SpeedyBee BT Nano 3 Wireless FC Configuration

Specifications Product Name SpeedyBee BT Nano 3 Operating Voltage 5V Working Current MAX~87mA(5V) Bluetooth Low Energy Supports WiFi Supports. It