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ISDT BG-8S Smart Battery Checker

Smart Battery Checker with 260,000 color display visible under strong sunlight. Exquisite and powerful BG-8S smart battery checker. Fully support BattGO technology.

iSDT D1 AC 100W DC 250W 1-6S Dual Mode Smart Charger

The iSDT D1Smart Dual Charger features AC/DC dual-mode, safe access, and support USB interference to help upgrade your firmware and always be updated with the latest updates to achieve max performance.

ISDT P10 250Wx2 10Ax2 DC Dual Channel Smart Charger

The smallest entry in the P series from ISDT, the P10 is a dual-channel 6S charger capable of 500W of output. True to ISDT’s tradition, this charger has been engineered to be as small and light as possible, with advanced air convection design and a solid magnesium alloy shell providing effective cooling even in such a small package.